12 January 2014

iddy biddy pourer

The smallest stoneware pourer was thrown into the firing before Xmas. I made it way too quickly, and it is, well, rather tiny. But it was a good exercise about what not to do and I'm sure it will find a progressive reincarnation in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, I think it will be perfect for soy sauce.

09 January 2014

shop update

Hoorah! My Etsy shop has finally enjoyed a well overdue update. There's still more original headspace works. other original works & prints to come, but I'm very excited to have got this far!! https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/helicopter6

04 January 2014

shopping for heads

The living room floor is currently covered in original 'headspace' works from 2013. I'm pretty excited to be choosing (what I think are) the best, and adding them to my Etsy shop over the next week or so. If any pieces caught your eye during the year, and you would like to purchase them, you can head to Etsy or you are always welcome to contact me directly. Individual works will be priced between $30 and $80. They are all approximately A5 in size (1/2 a standard A4 page), with free shipping in Australia and $10 for international purchases. To see the full range, please have a squizz at my Pinterest page or Flickr page. I'll also be offering the digital works as gorgeous prints, and of course, if you would prefer prints of any of the originals, I can certainly do that too.

01 January 2014

the year of the (completed) art journal

I've decided it's going to be 'The Year of the (completed) Art Journal'.

It's been a long long time since I regularly used a journal to capture seeds of ideas. I can't help but be one of those people who wants a page to look "good" (whatever that may mean), so when I get something down that's way too scribbly, I find myself incredibly disappointed. I have a number of journals that I've started over the years, only to be abandoned for a new one. The whole premise is of course exasperated when I spy incredible examples on the internet that look like accomplished finished artworks.

So... here's to consolidation ...and scratchings and mistakes and messy delights!

27 December 2013

stoneware dish

stoneware dish with underglaze and glaze

When I picked up my first hand built dish from firing, I was so disappointed. It was made especially as a Xmas pressie, and my initial response was... there is no way I can gift this. I was relatively happy with the shape, but I felt really let down by my decoration. (I thought decoration would be a cinch, but I'm actually finding it a real challenge). So we started using it at home for dinner (salads, beans, baked vegies), and surprisingly, we fell in love with it. So, reluctantly, as initially intended, it was wrapped and popped under the tree.
But I've had to make a promise that I will make a replacement for our own use asap!

heads + heads = heads

My mum was initially perplexed by the headspace project. Every night I would email my latest creation, and in return I would receive varying responses from... "what?" to "ooooh". Over time, she became somewhat enamored by them, and was bitterly disappointed when her emails pretty much ceased altogether in August. She wanted something, a calendar or poster, with all of them clustered together. So I made this A3 poster for her for Xmas which inlcudes a selection of the heads that best worked at a much smaller scale. She seemed to like it! I can't really imagine anyone else wanting one, but just in case, it's now available in my Esty shop.

15 December 2013

headspace 223

glazed stoneware

When you're learning something new in a very concentrated period of time, like making slab vases/cups, 'decorating' can become somewhat intimidating, esp when it's the thing you were most excited about. I'm not particularly au fait using a brush, so I inked out some quick ideas... but alas, in the final moments before marking the clay, I changed my mind. I wasn't very happy with the clumsily executed result, but it received great feedback which has made me like it more.

headspace 222

glazed stoneware

There's no surprise that the daily headspace project kinda came to a grinding halt quite some time ago! I'm still pretty chuffed I kept it up for so long, especially since I'm not a natural creature of habit. The festival was also an incredibly demanding one this year, so maintaining momentum was a major coup. It's been a great project where I have unabashedly explored a whole host of styles and mediums, and I still intend to keep adding to it every now and again... like now. 

It's been an odd second half of the year. With lots of spare time alone, creative production has been essentially non existent. Every few years I find myself going through an extended period of 'hybernation'. A very personal admission, but one I think many creatives may understand from their own experience, and so, worthy of attention. When life seems to evoke a degree of change, time out is somehow a necessary evil to try and recharge, build momentum, or just gain plain ol breathing space for the next phase.

One of the absolute positives of this period, was that I completed a hand building ceramic short course at the fabulous Northcote Pottery (which is actually in East Brunswick off Lygon Street)... that I loved. It was certainly far more challenging than I ever would have thought, and I have a looong way to go re building skills and concepts. But this little guy came out of a pinch pot session, and, well, he's rather lovely.

headspace 221

gouache, collage

headspace 220


headspace 219

ink pen

headspace 218