15 December 2013

headspace 222

glazed stoneware

There's no surprise that the daily headspace project kinda came to a grinding halt quite some time ago! I'm still pretty chuffed I kept it up for so long, especially since I'm not a natural creature of habit. The festival was also an incredibly demanding one this year, so maintaining momentum was a major coup. It's been a great project where I have unabashedly explored a whole host of styles and mediums, and I still intend to keep adding to it every now and again... like now. 

It's been an odd second half of the year. With lots of spare time alone, creative production has been essentially non existent. Every few years I find myself going through an extended period of 'hybernation'. A very personal admission, but one I think many creatives may understand from their own experience, and so, worthy of attention. When life seems to evoke a degree of change, time out is somehow a necessary evil to try and recharge, build momentum, or just gain plain ol breathing space for the next phase.

One of the absolute positives of this period, was that I completed a hand building ceramic short course at the fabulous Northcote Pottery (which is actually in East Brunswick off Lygon Street)... that I loved. It was certainly far more challenging than I ever would have thought, and I have a looong way to go re building skills and concepts. But this little guy came out of a pinch pot session, and, well, he's rather lovely.

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