23 November 2010

mark manders

Mark Manders has been a fave from way way back when I was completing my honours in sculpture. His ongoing project of over 20 years entitled 'Self-Portrait As A Building', reveals itself in installations of objects and drawings and maps/plans - 'fragments' of imaginary rooms built - fluid narratives abstracted - poetic placements - as an architect of sorts, he is forever rearranging his rooms.

I was in London late August, early Sept 2009, and I was kinda beside myself to find that he was exhibiting with a number of other artists at the Hayward Gallery at Southbank Centre. And lo and behold, one of my most favourite sculptures of all time (pictured above) was on display. I couldn't believe my luck. I'm sure this work heavily influenced my need to tie things together, and I fight not to directly copy this idea. Made in unfired clay, it's so very very beautiful - in my mind, a perfect impression. 'Black Bird, Dead Bird, Current Thought' (cover also pictured) is a
second hand catalogue from a 1997 exhibition in Ireland, that I stumbled across ages ago - gotta love those finds!

> mark's website, hayward gallery exhibition, video interview at artforum, artdaily profile, contemporary art daily profile, mousse magazine interview, artist talk


Lauren Montanaro Norster said...

it's always a nice surprise to see an artist you admire in a city you're visiting. Thanks for sharing with us!

Hazel Terry said...

Such sad work, but incredibly beautiful.

swinkie said...

Thanks Hel for his introduction.... look forward to exploring all the links.

helicopter6 said...

It certainly is Lauren. Lovely to see you pop by. And by the way, I'm a big supporter of 'maps=love'! They've always held a special interest.
Hazel, there is indeed a sadness, but interestingly, I've never had that response with this piece. I do love how things can evoke a range of emotions, memories and responses.
And Miss Sandra. Hope you're feeling positive about your beautiful exhibition. Sad as it will be to see it end, I can't wait to collect my little gem!