31 January 2013

Headspace 031


Finally the rain has come! To celebrate I thought I'd do a wet watercolour painting. It seems whenever I try this, they always come out kinda scarey - and this one is no exception!! I do like her though.

Headspace 030


23 January 2013

headspace 023

printed photo, gouache

During the clean up (that seems to be endless!), I found some damaged books, so decided to tear out images I thought I could use. This was a great shot of Jack Nicholson (I forgot to look to see from which film). I think he's quite becoming with a yellow head and a little blue guy popping out of his pocket!

20 January 2013

headspace 020


The big clean continues today (it's exhausting & overwhelming!!) - but I came across two things that sparked today's little creation. A white card with an orange fluro circular sticker (my scanner just can't translate fluro unfortunately) on it, and a box of coloured card & paper. My finger tips are happily covered in sticky blackened glue :^)

19 January 2013

headspace 019

ballpoint pen

It's been a HUGE clean up day today (& there's still heaps more to do), and amongst the piles of paper I found a doodle of this guy I did at work last year. I liked him so much (esp his square fingers), that I decided to pen a bigger version of him! I used to draw a lot of things in ballpoint pen, as I do love the texture you can achieve with this humble tool. My favourite pen for a good ol doodle is the stock standard BIC medium nib.

17 January 2013

headspace 017

acrylic paint on kraft board

Phoof!... it's a warm ol night in ye Melbourne town.. it's a toasty 33C (91.4F) at the moment, and the time is 11:07pm! So I wanted to do something splotchy and ephemeral for the occasion, since this is kinda how I feel. Painting like this is a very new venture for me - and one I really enjoyed. Would be great to get the paint thicker and more textured, since I am so used to working in super flat mediums.

16 January 2013

headspace 016

gouache, ink

Not sure about this one! I started with the white shapes and built on them - and ultimately wanted to start again on something else! But I'm trying to stick to my guns by not dismissing a work in this project once it's completed - and posting regardless (even if I have to close my eyes and grimace when I do it!). All part of the learning process I say, especially re not being too finicky about stuff and allowing myself to just enjoy the exploration of this diverse little universe that seems to be emerging. (I think I secretly like him tho!)

13 January 2013

headspace 013

ink pen, watercolour, gouache, pencil

In honour of yesterday's sale!

12 January 2013

agency for tea & geometry

I'm a very happy gal... as I was lucky enough to sell this drawing today - just after I received a 'pressing' call from my bank re a wee matter! Interestingly, this image wasn't chosen to be included in my card series. Golden proof that I often have no idea!! I know it will love being in its new home :^)

headspace 012

ink & collage

I couldn't sleep last night, so I got up and started this at about 3.30am! I actually really like this time of day, so despite being a little alarmed at my insomnia, it was a joy to tear, and stick and paint when a good part of the city was asleep.

10 January 2013

headspace 010

ink pen & watercolour

I think this would make a pretty nice ceramic pot in real life!!

08 January 2013

headspace 008

I've always enjoyed collaging with colour paper. So nice in this instance to make something that could easily be created digitally. Sticky fingers though!!

04 January 2013

headspace 004

Having way too much fun for one gal! 
I think this is indicative of the extremely hot weather we're having - meeeelting!

01 January 2013

headspace 001

She's blobby and silly and she's kinda a self portrait and she's the first. Daily head project for 2013 off we go...

headspace daily project - prelude

I've cracked open the acrylic paints my sister gave me for Xmas and it's all a bit foreign!! I generally use watercolour to essentially colour in a line drawing! Loving this pink though. Perfect way to start the 2013 Headspace Daily Project. No 001 will make its way here soon!! Rules for me to follow... don't be too precious. Just do something and get it up. This is all about learning & seeing where it takes me. Very excited!