19 December 2010

miss holly

I know I'm pretty much preaching to the converted, but it just wouldn't be right to end the year without the gorgeous water colours by the equally gorgeous Holly Ward Bimba aka Golly Bard. I have no idea why it's taken me so long - silly me. With an enviable (self confessed!) obsession for intricate patterning, Holly takes us on a naturalist's journey of all things splendid - birds and feathers and snakes and mice and eggs and bats and insects and nests and flora and weather and kooky hybrids and pickled eyes - yes, you heard me correctly - I do love how she slips these works in. With warmth and humour she creates a radiant microcosm that is so beautifully balanced in composition and tone - reflecting an attentiveness to her surrounds and a vivacious imagination that grows without cease. There's nothing more we could possibly want for. xx

> Golly Bard's drawing room blog, Etsy shop, Flickr

18 December 2010

the revenge of the christmas triangle

I'm very scared dear friends. I snapped this in the wee hours of the morning. It seems... that just like gremlins, or triffids, these guys are self spawning... and in the process, they've grown hair. Even scarier. Not sure if I'll be able to sleep tonight... should I set traps? If you don't hear from me again, please contact the appropriate authorities...

17 December 2010

the christmas triangle

Very happy to have finally sent Xmas treats to my wonderful brother and sister inlaw who live interstate. Judy's working hard to finish her incredible drawings for an exhibition early in 2011. She's been a scientist all her life (as is he), and has recently retired to focus on being a full time artist. You can visit her website here for a taster. Still some shopping to do for the rest of the family, but thank goodness I have a small one, so it's not too crazy. I've always made Xmas cards every year - it's been 'my thing' since I was a kid, and this year I'm quite liking the christmas triangle with antlers! The gouache didn't take too well to the recycled card, so will have to work on that. Collage may be a better option. But I can see a nice range coming together for my Etsy shop next Xmas. I'm really hoping to have this open in the new year, firstly with small originals, then some prints, cards and other items that feel right as time goes on.

15 December 2010

sketchbook project

It's official. I'm dumping the sketchbook project. There's a number of reasons:
1. I've fluffed around too much.
2. I don't know how to come up with that many new ideas for each spread.
3. I'm beginning to question whether I want to put that much energy into something that will essentially be lost amongst thousands of submissions (it is pretty crazy - 28833 artists are participating - phoof). I so love the premise, but I think it's got a bit too big. Goodbye entry fee.
4. I feel like what I've done sucks a boogie. Yes... I want it to be perfect!

Feeling pretty disappointed with myself, but a lovely entree at home of smoked salmon, blue cheese and quince paste - a pomegranate lime & orange cocktail - duck breast (yet to be cooked, I'm hoping it will be accompanied with a cranberry jus, but M thinks he'll experiment a bit) - a good New Zealand white wine - animation submissions playing in the background - makes it all ok.

05 December 2010

horse ties

Saleeh Oh

Camilla Engman

Andrew Schoultz

I've been thinking more about horses of late. I've never been a 'horsey' person, and for someone who was apparently born in the year of the horse, it carries no meaning for me. I guess it has something to do with their comparable human scale and the incredible relationship we've built with them - and the fact that during the process of admiring more and more work by fabulous individuals, more horses seemingly materialise and gallop off the page!!

And here... horses tied, playing with lines... legs engaged and restricted. It's an interesting link that has emerged from the work of these three brilliant artists. Despite an obvious love for intricacy and narrative, their style is very different - yet they have all used the Equus figure to depict a variation of a theme. From Saleeh's sweet sweet watery world, to the awkward candour of Camilla's string game friend, to Andrew's astounding war horses in all their glory. Intriguing psychological bindings to delight our senses.

> Saleeh's website, her blog, interview on Miss Onmi Media, video interview re 'breathing underwater' animated project
> Camilla's website, her beautiful book (loved by all and which happily sits amongst my book collection), Studio Violet, Camilla's wares at Third Drawer Down, Book By Its Cover sketchbook series
> Andrew's website, Andrew's wonderful book on his work (which is also on my bookshelf), Fecal Face interview
> Jonathan Levine Gallery - exhibitions re Saleeh and Andrew & other great folk