22 June 2013

headspace 172


A really fantastic first day of our first conference yesterday, but collapsed in a crumpled heap when I got home (after finishing some compiling!). So here's yesterday's Headspace!! Still trying to keep it up during MIAF - but not at all easy!

20 June 2013

headspace 170


With the opening of the Melbourne International Animation Festival tomorrow night (actually it's tonight since it's after midnight!), and RENDER Animation Conference launching on Friday, and guests coming in from every angle, things are getting pretty simple in the world of headspace... but I'm still doing it! Crazy gal :^)

08 June 2013

headspace 159

ink pen & acrylic paint

Something to do with being stalked by the kitten downstairs I think! He is determined to enter our apartment at any chance (his apartment is downstairs) but I won't let him, so I think he's turned the whole thing into a bit of a game. Serious stand offs at the back door, insistent meowing when the door is closed, racing in at blinding speed between my legs when I go to put the rubbish out. I'm surprised by his blatant (& blind?!) tenacity! It's not that I don't like cats, although I do have a strong opinion about how they should be looked after and the boundaries that should be set (ie kept inside overnight). I'm a firm believer that you don't invite other people's cat inside, feed them or handle them unless I'm in their own confined (I know, a paradox in itself!) territority. And experience has proven that they really do love to pee all over my things. What is it a bout me?!