08 June 2013

headspace 159

ink pen & acrylic paint

Something to do with being stalked by the kitten downstairs I think! He is determined to enter our apartment at any chance (his apartment is downstairs) but I won't let him, so I think he's turned the whole thing into a bit of a game. Serious stand offs at the back door, insistent meowing when the door is closed, racing in at blinding speed between my legs when I go to put the rubbish out. I'm surprised by his blatant (& blind?!) tenacity! It's not that I don't like cats, although I do have a strong opinion about how they should be looked after and the boundaries that should be set (ie kept inside overnight). I'm a firm believer that you don't invite other people's cat inside, feed them or handle them unless I'm in their own confined (I know, a paradox in itself!) territority. And experience has proven that they really do love to pee all over my things. What is it a bout me?!

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