26 January 2011

superbly sandra

Where are my manners... (and where has January disappeared to)? Not sure why everything has been so difficult this month, all I've wanted to do is sleep at every possible opportunity. So the best way to get back on track is to share two works I recently bought from two gorgeous Australian artists, who I got to know late last year through ye ol' blogosphere.

Sydney artist Sandra Winkworth held an exhibition of her stunning painted bird studies (inspired by the 19th century collection at the Uni of Sydney’s Macleay Museum) with deconstructed books and discarded ephemera (frayed & aged with hues of brown & hints of mould), in November last year at Hand Held Gallery in Melbourne. Since we had engaged in a number of online exchanges, I was uber excited to hear she'd be here for her opening. I popped in to this great little gallery and shop (located on the upper level of a small city plaza - well done Megan - it's a fabulous project!) and before long found myself faced with the difficult task of choosing a piece - because... welll.. I just had to! Her delicate assemblages enticed the viewer closer with their detail, and once they held your attention in this way, often surprised and always delighted. I was tossing up between a few pieces, when finally, I of course, took home the more kooky one - with spotted birdies flying the loop the loop. I'm so predictable sometimes!

I was also thrilled that Melbourne based artist/designer Sandra Eterovic arrived. I've been a fan of her body of work since it appeared on Etsy and at Craft Victoria. Beautiful hand sewn scarves, painted plywood sculptures, 'make your own man' cubes (hilarious!), knitted delights, handpainted mirrors with pipes & hats & hairdo's & lips & beards, vertical hand clocks (so wonderfully innovative), illustrated paper goods... mmmm. Her quirky, unique, illustrative style carries a surrealist folk aesthetic, with a charismatic eastern European twist - and will often make you chuckle aloud, or smile with recognition. But it was when the newly created tattooed sailor appeared on her blog, that I knew we had to share a life together. So once delectable muffins filled with her mum's pineapple (and ginger?) marmalade were consumed with chats (
in amongst a vast collection of splendid objects) about the woes of perfectionism, the chap and I headed home... very, very, very contented... and a couple more muffins in hand. And here we are, rosie cheeked, breathless, gazing at each other across the desk. (I think I need some help coming up with a name for him... suggestions welcome!)

Sandra Eterovic: blog, etsy, flickr, Craft Victoria, The Design Files profile
Sandra Winkworth: blog, Hand Held Gallery

03 January 2011

climbing out of the vortex

... hello everyone! I think I've finally managed to pull myself out of the Xmas / New Year spiralling vortex! Most of the food has been finally consumed (we had monstrous amounts to get through!!), I'm half way through a novel (a rare event in itself), I'm several kg's heavier (so NOT good), I have a temp job for the next month, and I'm ready for a truly brilliant year.

For Xmas I gave my partner the 'Best Friend Monster Mooks' (pictured above) figurine by Kim of ilovegreyskies - check out her wonderful Etsy shop. I fell in love with her anatomical Mooks ages ago, but when I saw these guys, I just knew where they belonged. The masks are removable, so M has been changing their position just a little every couple of days. If they are representative of us... I'm not sure who is who?!

And finally... thank you all so much for taking the time to follow this blog and leaving such encouraging and heart felt comments. It's been an absolute delight.
Wishing you all a sensationally fabulous 2011 (I'm going to start counting how many of the following words I use throughout the next 12 months: fabulous, lovely, sensational, gorgeous, wonderful, brilliant, marvellous, devine, incredible, beautiful!) - and I can't wait to endulge in a year of creations and posts from you all. Happy days.