03 January 2011

climbing out of the vortex

... hello everyone! I think I've finally managed to pull myself out of the Xmas / New Year spiralling vortex! Most of the food has been finally consumed (we had monstrous amounts to get through!!), I'm half way through a novel (a rare event in itself), I'm several kg's heavier (so NOT good), I have a temp job for the next month, and I'm ready for a truly brilliant year.

For Xmas I gave my partner the 'Best Friend Monster Mooks' (pictured above) figurine by Kim of ilovegreyskies - check out her wonderful Etsy shop. I fell in love with her anatomical Mooks ages ago, but when I saw these guys, I just knew where they belonged. The masks are removable, so M has been changing their position just a little every couple of days. If they are representative of us... I'm not sure who is who?!

And finally... thank you all so much for taking the time to follow this blog and leaving such encouraging and heart felt comments. It's been an absolute delight.
Wishing you all a sensationally fabulous 2011 (I'm going to start counting how many of the following words I use throughout the next 12 months: fabulous, lovely, sensational, gorgeous, wonderful, brilliant, marvellous, devine, incredible, beautiful!) - and I can't wait to endulge in a year of creations and posts from you all. Happy days.


Kylie said...

They are so gorgeous! Happy New Year - hope it's a wonderfully creative one for you :) Kx

gretchenmist said...

what a cool present! i love it.
happy 2011 :)

la casita said...

Happy 2011!

barbarabeesblog said...

This present is phantastic. For those of us being monster lovers (me) and all weird, strange and bizarre... just phantastic.
Looking forward to your 2011 posts!

Lynn said...

so i'd pretty much use all those words to describe your blog and you as an artist. loving looking through at your works, so stellar. these mooks are mighty fine too.

terrific header! and much happiness to you for the coming year. ♥

when skies are grey said...

Wow, thank you so much!! I am so glad you like them, I love that your partner keeps changing the masks ;)
Happy New Year to you.

annamaria said...

Happy New Year to you! You seem ready for some great thing!X

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Helen,
I too am a proud owner of one of Kim's mooks, and I love your choice too. I am very much looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year, both your own artwork and the great finds that you make.
Happy 2011!

swinkie said...

I love your Xmas monsters... I feel I can identify with either head. Hanging out to hear more from you as always. (little hint) Lots of good vibey energy your way for this new stupendous year. (I must find my thesauraus for this years postings) xxS

helicopter6 said...

Thank you so very very much everyone. Sincerest apologies for my absence. Hope you're all exceptionally well. Lovely to meet you Lyn, and yes Sandra W... I can't live without my thesaurus, though obviously I still struggle to find enough adjectives!!! Maybe I could start expressing in different languages. Sandra E, your anatomical Mook is divine... & thank you for a delightful Satdee arvo!! M LOVED the muffin - note there is no plural, as I ate the other 2 ;-)