28 February 2013

headspace 059

ink pen

Good bye summer (woof!) - it's certainly been a warm one.

25 February 2013

headspace 056

gouache on red card

There was no air in the home office today - thank goodness for the cool change - every window is now open!!

24 February 2013

headspace 055


Since I think I unsettled everyone with yesterday's image, I thought I may as well continue with the general tone by including another texta drawing I did yesterday in the searing heat... I promise to bring you something 'nicer' in due course!!!

23 February 2013

headspace 054


Well Melbournians certainly can't complain that they haven't had a summer this year. It's been pretty much consistently toasty, and I must admit that the Bulla frozen yoghurt ice creams (the strawberry, mixed berry & mango combo box!) have become a new fave... maybe a little too much so!

I looked after URSAstudiohouse today, while Ursula retreated to a well earned beachy get away before a whole load of new craziness begins. Not only is she running her beautiful boutique shop of goodies from designers, artists & makers, the crazy entrepreneurial gal that she is these days, has paired with Hannah Crosbie to open a pop up Milk Bar right next door. You heard it folks... a pop up Milk Bar!! It's called Lickety Split and will be opening next week (hopefully Wednesday if all goes well) - and as their Facebook page so aptly spruiks... "Just a humble milk bar wanting to put you into a diabetic coma. Come down and try milkshakes, spiders, icy poles, ice creams, licorice, lollies, chocolates and so much more." I've had a sneak peek and they've got some really fabulous b/w & b/w tinted images on the walls of 60's icons (eg, a young Goldie Hawn, Mia Farrow, Twiggy) in the middle of some kind of icecream/milk bar item ingesting/contemplating moment. A really clever DIY design to the interior (and immensely more elegant than my gaudy texta scrawl!!).

image: Lickety Split

But as I melted this afternoon in URSAstudiohouse, I really REALLY wished that it was open today!! So yep, on the way home, I grabbed a box of Bulla instead... but, as of next week... I reckon a good ol fashioned spider is on the cards.

18 February 2013

headspace 049

watercolour, pencil, charcoal

Headspace 049 (watercolour, pencil, charcoal) - with the smell of smoke in the air from fires in the north, and the need for many Melbournians to hit the beaches, I present this little guy...

11 February 2013

headspace 039, 040, 041, 042

Sadly I'm back in the big smoke after a wonderful few days at Venus Bay - dipping and diving amongst the surf, which is my absolute all time favourite thing to do. It makes for a very very happy gal from dawn to dusk. Lots of animation was watched and of course, there was the Headspace project to intercept activites! So to backtrack (since there was no internet) here's a quadruple upload. Above is Friday's work (Headspace 039), and following is Saturday (Headspace 040), Sunday (Headspace 041) & today (Headspace 042). There were LOTS of grannies that featured in films submitted to MIAF this year, so today's (the last one) is my own little homage.

07 February 2013

headspace 038


I'm about to flutter away from telephones & internet for a few days - time to swim (first swim this summer - and amongst waves - yay!!), watch some films for the festival, and celebrate a rather significant 10 years with my loved one!! So on Monday I'll do a bumper quadruple post (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) for headspace. I hope you have a superfantabulous weekend everyone xx

04 February 2013

headspace 035

acrylic paint


january 2013 collection : headspace project

Well I'm a little excited. January is now behind us, and I've successfully created a little artwork a day for this project. Who would have thought?!! It's been such a pleasurable experience dabbling with different mediums. I imagine that as time goes on, there will be periods of more similar works, but at the moment, it's a bit of a dog's breakfast! I'm al;ready looking forward to seeing February's collection :^)

02 February 2013

headspace 033

acrylic paint

I'm so used to drawing in detail, that it's great to get some brushes and paint and just splotch away. Painting has never really been part of what I do - but I'm discovering that it can inspire such a pleasurable spontaneity. For me it's a bit more akin to playing around with sound, or dabbling in creative writing. At the moment we're talking pretty small scale, but I would definitely at some stage like to go bigger to see what happens!