23 February 2013

headspace 054


Well Melbournians certainly can't complain that they haven't had a summer this year. It's been pretty much consistently toasty, and I must admit that the Bulla frozen yoghurt ice creams (the strawberry, mixed berry & mango combo box!) have become a new fave... maybe a little too much so!

I looked after URSAstudiohouse today, while Ursula retreated to a well earned beachy get away before a whole load of new craziness begins. Not only is she running her beautiful boutique shop of goodies from designers, artists & makers, the crazy entrepreneurial gal that she is these days, has paired with Hannah Crosbie to open a pop up Milk Bar right next door. You heard it folks... a pop up Milk Bar!! It's called Lickety Split and will be opening next week (hopefully Wednesday if all goes well) - and as their Facebook page so aptly spruiks... "Just a humble milk bar wanting to put you into a diabetic coma. Come down and try milkshakes, spiders, icy poles, ice creams, licorice, lollies, chocolates and so much more." I've had a sneak peek and they've got some really fabulous b/w & b/w tinted images on the walls of 60's icons (eg, a young Goldie Hawn, Mia Farrow, Twiggy) in the middle of some kind of icecream/milk bar item ingesting/contemplating moment. A really clever DIY design to the interior (and immensely more elegant than my gaudy texta scrawl!!).

image: Lickety Split

But as I melted this afternoon in URSAstudiohouse, I really REALLY wished that it was open today!! So yep, on the way home, I grabbed a box of Bulla instead... but, as of next week... I reckon a good ol fashioned spider is on the cards.

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