31 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 31 'fun'

Well it has indeed been fun, but I am VERY pleased that March has come to an end, and so has this little project!! Just a bit too much work to contend with at the moment - and even though most of these are drawn relatively quickly, together with the Headspace project, more time has been consumed than I can spare. Headspace will of course continue daily til the end of the year, and there will surely be some extra side projects along the way - but not until after June when the festival and conference and fundraising are well and truly out of the way! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and feedback throughout March, and thanks to Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich for the inspiration. I've never really worked this way before, and even though there were some drawings that really should've been binned(!) instead of posted, I've been happy with the process and the overall end result. Thinking of making a little zine with some of them - and maybe some new ones (but after June!)

headspace 090


I thought it was appropriate to revisit an older work, and tweak it to endorse the moment - because there's nothing like a dodgy rabbit to honour Easter Sunday!

26 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 26 ''Items from your daily walk'

To be honest... I'm looking forward to the end of March when this little project is over!! It's been fun but this extra drawing a day is getting a bit hard at the moment with my work load - and well, it doesn't help that I've finally discovered Pinterest - gahh! I have discovered though that I do like responding to a word/phrase/theme prompt - so I may try doing a weekly drawing as well as Headspace. Otherwise it will be after June when the festival is over!

headspace 085

ink, gouache

a hello sandwich challenge || day 25 'shopping bag'

headspace 084

ink pen

For the first time, I missed a day - and I'm just fine with that! Blame it on an overdose of chilli oil, or being exhausted from receiving some really great news, or spending an afternoon with muym problem solving xomputers, dryers & washing machines - or maybe just being plain ol lazy. Whatever the reasoning, here it is! And I thought it would be nice to draw another version of this guy, since he was a little popular.

20 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 20 ' something I use everyday'

headspace 079


I was going to do this as a collage, but my desk is a mess and I couldn't be bothered getting sticky fingers. Another time! Plus, I'm actually enjoying creating on the computer.

15 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 15 'book cover'

headspace 074

acrylic paint

a hello sandwich challenge || day 14 'today's sounds'

headspace 073

acrylic paint, ink

It's been just a wee bit hectic the last day or so, trying to meet a big festival deadline whilst enduring a pretty nasty heat wave. I've been working from home, and I actually found myself to hang out in an office so I could enjoy the day long airconditioning!! 

There's lots of changes at MIAF this year, including the launch of a 2 day animation conference called RENDER, a fundraising campaign to honour Alex Stitt's two feature films, a CG symposium, and a move from seven days to eleven - ahhhh! It's all go...

10 March 2013

08 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 8 'invisible city (portrait of your imagined city)'

headspace 067


I'm slowly discovering Adobe Illustrator - in the most basic way I might add! I have a pretty old version, and I'm still only dealing with basic shapes - but it's heaps of fun. And although there's no tool in hand (I would love a Wacom to change that!), I find the creative process more impulsive/fluid and suprising than my line drawings (which are generally so considered) - or the other stuff I've been exploring during this project - and interestingly, kinda more akin to painting. When I move on to backgrounds & textures, it will be a whole new world!

07 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 7 'texture'

headspace 066

gouache on orange card

What do you see... some unrelated abstract shapes (like my partner initially did!), an ominous vigilent pillar guarding the end of a crooked path, a profile of a masked man (this is what I intended!! - read the drawing from right to left), or something else?! I really like the simplicity of this one, and even though it wasn't apparent until I showed it to my partner, I like how the eye deciphers the page depending where it rests.