31 March 2013

a hello sandwich challenge || day 31 'fun'

Well it has indeed been fun, but I am VERY pleased that March has come to an end, and so has this little project!! Just a bit too much work to contend with at the moment - and even though most of these are drawn relatively quickly, together with the Headspace project, more time has been consumed than I can spare. Headspace will of course continue daily til the end of the year, and there will surely be some extra side projects along the way - but not until after June when the festival and conference and fundraising are well and truly out of the way! Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support and feedback throughout March, and thanks to Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich for the inspiration. I've never really worked this way before, and even though there were some drawings that really should've been binned(!) instead of posted, I've been happy with the process and the overall end result. Thinking of making a little zine with some of them - and maybe some new ones (but after June!)

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