02 March 2013

february 2013 collection : headspace project

Two months down - crazy bananas!! As I look back over the collection, I begin to wonder if I have... well... an extreme case of multiple personalities as I draw/paint/collage whatever comes to mind! It's been such an interesting process - throwing away preconceived ideas of what I like, what I've done and more importantly what I think other people want me to do. Coming from a predominantly minimalistic contemporary art background, I've had many a moment when this process feels extremely misplaced/misguided. But then there are those other moments when I feel like I'm pushing a different set of boundaries - and that is kinda fascinating.


barbarabeesblog said...

Your multiple personality is truly fascinating, my favorites are the fishy one in the 1st row, the boy with scuba and that little guy with big head and the reduced style (last in 3rd row) äh and black and white birdie creature in 2nd row.
So we're both up to a 365 days project. Good luck with yours.

helicopter6 said...

Thank you for liking my many personalities and for letting me know you faves!! I can't believe I missed the fact that you're doing a 365 days project too - I had a look and they're looking fantastic! So much work! Dying to do some more multifaceted collages but don't seem to have decent magazines, probably just need to print them from the net I guess. 10 more months!! xx