17 December 2010

the christmas triangle

Very happy to have finally sent Xmas treats to my wonderful brother and sister inlaw who live interstate. Judy's working hard to finish her incredible drawings for an exhibition early in 2011. She's been a scientist all her life (as is he), and has recently retired to focus on being a full time artist. You can visit her website here for a taster. Still some shopping to do for the rest of the family, but thank goodness I have a small one, so it's not too crazy. I've always made Xmas cards every year - it's been 'my thing' since I was a kid, and this year I'm quite liking the christmas triangle with antlers! The gouache didn't take too well to the recycled card, so will have to work on that. Collage may be a better option. But I can see a nice range coming together for my Etsy shop next Xmas. I'm really hoping to have this open in the new year, firstly with small originals, then some prints, cards and other items that feel right as time goes on.


gracey said...

really cool!

Kylie said...

Very cute :) Making xmas cards has always been my thing every year too, but this year I'm letting the side down... just can't do it. It feels very strange ;)
Loving your sis-in-law's artwork - how compelling! Thanks for the link :) Kx

helicopter6 said...

Thanks Gracey.
And Kylie, I've often let the side down re cards. I still haven't done this year's - so there's still time! Judy's work is indeed compelling -it's changing quite a lot, and she's refraining from putting images up til after the show. She's always drawn scientific details, and there's a lovely landscape she drew years and years ago in their home. But it's been extraordinary to watch how quickly this has come together for her. She approaches it with the precision of a scientist, and it bugs her that she's too 'realistic'. I'd kill to draw with such accuracy!!

barbarabeesblog said...

Cool cards, different to the normal deers, angels, santa clauses... - I like that.
And I am looking forward to your shop.
Judys drawings are amazing!

jessica said...

christmas triangle with antlers?! too cute!

Joanna Kafka said...

i find Your blog in Barbara links:)
and i am happy to find such a nice drawings!
best regards

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I'm a bit like Kylie, I usually make my own cards and wrapping paper but I just haven't had time this year. I like your triangles and interesting to see how they've developed (I'm reading your posts backwards...). I have practically all my xmas shopping to do this week - last minute but not a rush - I have a list and I'm sticking to oit!

gretchenmist said...

oooh, i was wondering if you sell your work or not. a shop is a great idea :)

helicopter6 said...

Thank you lovely lassies! I see there's a lot of loving for the christmas triangle... despite its evil intentions!
Joanna, so great that you've stumbled across me though Barbara, a very nice connection.
Deborah, I'm sure your list is a pretty stunning one! I have a strict list too, but still have no idea what to get my sister and brother in law. Like you though, no real rush.
And re the shop... it's taken a while to get my head around the concept (I still haven't really!), but it's definitely something I'm aiming for, and you've all helped me get that little bit closer. Thank you dearly.