15 December 2010

sketchbook project

It's official. I'm dumping the sketchbook project. There's a number of reasons:
1. I've fluffed around too much.
2. I don't know how to come up with that many new ideas for each spread.
3. I'm beginning to question whether I want to put that much energy into something that will essentially be lost amongst thousands of submissions (it is pretty crazy - 28833 artists are participating - phoof). I so love the premise, but I think it's got a bit too big. Goodbye entry fee.
4. I feel like what I've done sucks a boogie. Yes... I want it to be perfect!

Feeling pretty disappointed with myself, but a lovely entree at home of smoked salmon, blue cheese and quince paste - a pomegranate lime & orange cocktail - duck breast (yet to be cooked, I'm hoping it will be accompanied with a cranberry jus, but M thinks he'll experiment a bit) - a good New Zealand white wine - animation submissions playing in the background - makes it all ok.


barbarabeesblog said...

I can understand you quite well and I think it's the right decision. BUT I really would LOVE LOVE to see some more of your phantastic drawings for what you don't need a project. Feel free, be relaxed and do what feels good for you.
And I'm so hungry now (and it's not even noon) your dinner sounds so absoluteley Y U M M I I I !!!

P.S. The paper is total crap.

holly aka golly said...

Helen, don't give it a second thought. When things are not going well with my work I just scrap it and move along. Love these trees by the way.

Lovely World said...

You know what, I totally agree with your scraping the project based on what you say here. That number of participants is WAY to many. I am very much into emphasizing small, human-sized endeavors these days. They are so much more meaningful and personal. Making art should be about quelling anxiety, not causing it. Please post more of your thoughtful, quiet, well done drawings here. i just love seeing them.

Elisabeth said...

Sounds like a good decision. It's good to take decisions.

These trees looks great!

helicopter6 said...

I'm so fortunate to have found this wonderful wonderful community. I always leave the computer with a gigantic smile, and a renewed drive to keep experimenting. Thank you so much for all your lovely, kind, inspiring comments. xxh

Kylie said...

Totally understand how you feel. I think we just know when it's not going to happen and particularly when we feel our work is not what we want it to be... these things take time. As an observer though, the work has been lovely :) Kx

p.s. just gaffawed at 'sucks a boogie! :))

helicopter6 said...

Kylie, is 'sucks a boogie' an Australian term do you think?!!!

gretchenmist said...

i like your reasoning ~ thanks for sharing with us. especially number 1!
there's no point if it doesn't feel right anymore. seems to me like time is so short whatever that it should be spent on things that make us happy etc {your trees say it all} xx