12 January 2013

headspace 012

ink & collage

I couldn't sleep last night, so I got up and started this at about 3.30am! I actually really like this time of day, so despite being a little alarmed at my insomnia, it was a joy to tear, and stick and paint when a good part of the city was asleep.


Sarah said...

Insomnia can be awful, but it's nice that something great came out of it (this painting!) Really awesome work, as always :)

Hazel Terry said...

:-' I have very little sleep at the moment, two jobs and family . . . leave me squeezing myself into the early hours of the morning.
I like these hours in the summer, but it is dark and cold in my hours at the moment.

Wishing you peaceful sleep. and productive wakefulness.

helicopter6 said...

Thanks so much Hazel & Sarah. I don't mind insomnia when it doesn't effect day time paid work - which I unfortunately don't have at the moment. Hopefully this will come soon, and then my sleep pattern will HAVE to get back to normal! And yes Hazel, much easier to deal with in summer - and we're having a very summery summer this year!