12 February 2011

card for misinformed birthday

It's great when at the last moment you can whip up a birthday card for a friend so as not turn up empty handed, but not so great when you write 'happy 40th' when they are only turning 37. Apologies dear Andy! It's just that I've been waiting so loooong for some of my friends to turn 40 - I thought this was her year! Doh!

It's been such a long time since I made coloured paper collage cards, and I have to question why, as this was an absolute joy to create in the 30 minute window of time I had - I get the feeling deadlines are a good thing for me!


Kylie said...

Whoops! I do things like that all the time - usually in speech though ;) My aunty says I only open my mouth to change feet! Take heart - you are not alone :)
Such a vibrant card - I love it! It is so very satisfying, isn't it? I think if I had the little bits and pieces out and ready then it might happen more often.

helicopter6 said...

I love your Aunty's saying! I haven't heard that one (although I am notoriously bad and not knowing phrases/idioms - I think I was brought up in the cone of silence).

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

lovely card! i don't mind a deadline every now and then ~ seems to take away the possibility of over thinking ~ which is refreshing!
had to laugh at your mistake :)
i always need to ask what sayings mean!! somehow missed them too.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, i rolled back in the chair with laughter! i've actually done a similar blooper, you're not alone lades.

love your card creation though, i think it deserves to get framed. happy week ahead wishes. ♥

helicopter6 said...

Belinda, I am the QUEEN of overthinking. It's my worst enemy. I overthink so much, that an idea essentially feels completed without having ever physically started the process. Drives me nuts! I have to at least start recording the ideas.
And Lynn, glad to had a chuckle! So pleased you like the card.

Sandra Eterovic said...

I love it! There's something very artistically healthy about using a medium that you don't normally reach for...let there be more collage!
Have fun on your trip!!!