29 December 2012

a head a day

Nelleke Verhoeff: 'A Face A Day'

I've become very inspired by Nelleke Verhoeff of  Red Cheeks Factory, and her 'A Face A Day' for a year  project. I was particularly drawn to her playful style and the fact she's kept her palette pretty much consistent throughout, which I think is quite an amazing achievement.

Lisa Congdon: 'A Collection A Day'

It's by no means a new concept, many an artist, especially in the age of social media, has launched their own version of this daily diligence. A wonderful example is Lisa Congdon's 'A Collection A Day' - daily photographed displays of her often quirky personal collections (just how much STUFF does she have??!) which was then made into a funky book in a glorious (collectible!) tin box.

Kirsten Sims: A Drawing A Day

I've also loved seeing recent daily uploads by Kirsten Sims. Unlike Nelleke, Kirsten's style slips all over the place - this is not at all a criticism, as I can relate so much more easily to this approach!! And will be one I follow myself.

So... something has finally clicked. I'm going to take a leap, and commit to a similar project myself - and I think faces/portraits is the way to go - as from the 1 Jan. Ahh, have I just said that publicly?! I am so not a creature of habit, so this will be an interesting test of self :^)

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