14 April 2013

headspace 104


I've been playing around with Photoshop filters this afternoon, and having a GRAND OL time! I created about 6 different versions from an initial design, and this is the one I decided to post first. Discovering digital image making has been a rather slow and delayed learning process for me - but since I started the Headspace project, I'm finding that when I'm especially busy and/or tired, as I am now, it provides a clean and genuinely interesting way to explore ideas - relatively quickly - except of course when I spend too much time fiddling and exploring! I still haven't invested in a Wacom tablet, but I think once I do, a lot will change with my art making. I'm not particularly fond with a lot of the filters available, but if you work intuitively, the end result can be really rewarding. It can also serve as an effective sketch book process - for example, I could imagine painting this one, or translating it with real collage material.

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