04 January 2014

shopping for heads

The living room floor is currently covered in original 'headspace' works from 2013. I'm pretty excited to be choosing (what I think are) the best, and adding them to my Etsy shop over the next week or so. If any pieces caught your eye during the year, and you would like to purchase them, you can head to Etsy or you are always welcome to contact me directly. Individual works will be priced between $30 and $80. They are all approximately A5 in size (1/2 a standard A4 page), with free shipping in Australia and $10 for international purchases. To see the full range, please have a squizz at my Pinterest page or Flickr page. I'll also be offering the digital works as gorgeous prints, and of course, if you would prefer prints of any of the originals, I can certainly do that too.


Amy Hauschild said...

Well done, I for one have been impressed you have kept to your headspace project as much as you have! and good luck on your next one with the art journal I understand completely about the need for each page to be amazing, I aim to be better at recording my ideas in a more inspiring way! and Happy New Year!

helicopter6 said...

Thank you so much Amy! Wishing you a fabulously sensational new year too! And by the way, I've already lapsed with the journal, so time to get motivated!