17 November 2011

it's a good day for a hanging (of art that is!)

Well, it's finally here! Soon I'll be heading over to Lowrise Projects in Richmond to hang a suite of 14 drawings - all doneski. Somehow I've managed to pull this off whilst working full time. The image above is another little sneak peek, inspired by time spent in my current place of work.

I still have to finish making pocket size booklets with wonderful fictitious passages by Malcolm Turner (Director of Melbourne International animation Festival & my partner in crime) that have been penned from planes, hotels & animation festivals in Germany, Poland, Portugal, Estonia & London, in response to images of my works emailed by moi from afar! Unfortunately they won't be available until the opening on Saturday, so if you pop in before then, don't forget to come back to grab one. If you're in Melbourne, please say hi on Saturday between 4pm & 6pm, otherwise the exhibition runs until 17 December - full details are in the last post.


Kylie said...

I soooo wish I could be there!! Good luck! I'm sure it'll all go swimmingly :) Kx

p.s. intrigued by inspirational relationship to place of work ;)

swinkie said...

I'm disappointed I can't be there!! Enjoy your opening night and its quite unfathomable how you got this done with your work load... Congratulations spunky lady!!!

helicopter6 said...

Thank you interstaters!! I guess I'll just have to organise a show in Sydney and one in Brisbane!

swinkie said...

yes please