20 November 2011

kids & art & appreciation

from left to right:
1. Seating for rehearsed aeronautics | 2. Advancing in familiar light
3. Birds ascending at c minor | 4. Outing for uncertain pursuits
5. Lessons in landscaping with music | 6. A league of shadows

An enormously warm thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition (in the rain!) on Saturday at Lowrise Projects. Not only did you all make my opening a super special one, you also bought half my drawings!! I'm so very very chuffed & honoured. The feedback was incredible, and the book with Malcolm's writing (& little b/w snippets of the drawings) received really fabulous praise. He's an uber talented lad & it's such a shame he wasn't there to enjoy it - but Estonia & animation goodness were-a-calling. I'll do a bit of formatting in photoshop and post the book in its entirety soon. Here's a pretty bad photo of the cover to inspire curiosity in the meantime.

The images posted above are the six that sold on the day. And the most interesting thing was that the first three were chosen by kids and bought by their wonderful parents. I love this outcome. I don't consider my drawings targeted at kids at all, but the fact that they have sparked their imaginations and engaged them in conversation is about as good as it gets.

Many thanks to Melanie & Jeremy for being such gracious hosts and for getting all the drawings up onto the Lowrise Projects website - I'll aim to get them onto my own website el pronto.




helicopter6 said...

Thank you!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Congratulations Helen on a fantastic show. They do look wonderful as a suite, but my very favourite is the second one at the top which involves a man and a woman and a brick wall. Genius! And so beautifully executed. Your work is definitely not too 'nice', they are all the more biting for NOT having the usual weapons in them.

helicopter6 said...

Thanks so much for being there at the opening Sandra, and thank you for your lovely lovely feedback. I can see why you like that one - something to do with the clothes?! And yes, weaponry was omitted for that very reason, just a bit too 'usual'.