30 August 2012

grrr... photography!

Trying to get my little online shop up and running by the end of the weekend. But who would have thought that taking pics of cards would be so hard?! Day one of playing in bad light - obviously we need a day 2, day 3 & maybe a day 4!

Definitely need to wait for good day time light over the weekend - and to think this through a little more in the meantime!

Composition take 2 - hmmm. With some proper focus, a better background and a tweaked angle, this one may gain some legs!

Good ol' front on. Stock standard. Not minding this...

Neh... who needs detail when there's a good paper triangle to capture!!! Look at those glorious crisp edges.

Zooming in on the back - just coz I can! Obviously a few more macro lessons are in need - but I like her fade in & fade out style - it's foggy up there you know!


barbarabeesblog said...

Hi, you are back how nice and with such wonderful work (cards) - I like the images a lot! Good luck with the shop.

helicopter6 said...

Hello Barbara! I am indeed back. Thank you so much for your lovely words. The shop is taking a rediculously long time to organise - and I only have cards to deal with at the moment!

I must check in on your blog and see what you're doing. Hope you're exceptionally well. xh