24 August 2012

people in the air

There's no doubt that some things just take a while. It's a fact for many of us! Blog entries. Projects. Savings. Rhythms. Headspace. Ideas in general. And when there's full-time non-creative work, a festival to run, a number of sneaky other commitments and of course that old foe fatique, the thing you want to do most continues to be pushed to the furtherest most reclusive corner where spiders & bugs & varmints can happily make their designer inspired homes!! And I hate the thought of kicking them out, as no-one wants to be homeless, but the time has come to get jiggy and just do. So apologies fellas (don't despair, you'll be able to inhabit most of that space for some while still!)

So why all this banter? Well, because I've steadily been accumulating materials in recent months to get this long term goal of mine on the move. Everything I've read about starting up a creative enterprise suggests careful planning, a good accountant, a business plan - but I'm choosing to just get started with the smallest thing and to see what happens. Yup, it's potentially a recipe for disaster, but heck, I do believe a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

So this weekend, my brand new Epson A3 printer (finally!!) is going to chug into action and print some C6 cards inspired by my solo exhibition of drawings last year at Lowrise Projects. My partner contributed some brilliant little texts in response to the work, so I've decided to include them on the back. Noice.

More soon!


Kylie Hunt said...

Hello!!! So lovely to see you posting again Helen :) Great things a-happening here. Love your print idea... I'll have one of 6 and 12 please :) Kx

Kylie Hunt said...

Oops, that is... "Birds Retreating at b Flat" and "Seating for Rehearsed Aeronautics" :)

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

how exciting getting the printer! congrats on setting up in amongst the other life stuff.

helicopter6 said...

Thank you gorgeous gals! Kylie... you've taken me off guard!! I'll message you :-)