26 October 2010

monika grzymala

Today I was scanning through my blog feeds while things were quiet at 'work', and was immediately struck by these astounding space drawings by Monika Grzymala posted on the 'contemporary drawing salon' blog, established by artist Yifat Gat (you should check out her work too). Monika has transformed her spaces with different types of adhesive tape, lead tape and graphite - (I sighted somewhere that in one exhibition she used seven kilometres of it!), crafting an immense physicality that is at once melodic in it's entirety (rushing and plucking with measured invervals), reminiscently digital with it's streaming dots and dashes, and wonderfully organic as lines weave and contour to create garnered lengths and self imposed features.

Monika's website, contemporary drawing salon blog, Art World article (pdf), exhibition with Kelly Wood


Hazel Terry said...

They are quite scarey like the walls are melting or warping.

helicopter6 said...

They are certainly very theatrical!

annamaria said...

Awesome energy!;-)

barbarabeesblog said...

This work is really amazing, can't stop looking at it, many thanks for this introduction!

helicopter6 said...

I agree Annamaria, and Barbara... I thought you might like this a lot!

dls said...

I agree, this work is amazing. It reminds me of the installation I love which is at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjsCsvGHtXk&feature=youtube_gdata

Thanks for sharing.

SKIZO said...