18 November 2012

2013 calendar - yay!


It's official! The calendars are for purchase though my Etsy shop and URSAstudiohouse in Melbourne. I've already sold seven, and have four on order for next week - so I'm absolutely beaming (and have to buy more printer ink el pronto!). It's such a fabulous feeling to finally make something that you've been wanting to for ages (having got to a point a couple of weeks ago of thinking, damn... I'm just not going to make it again this year), and to have it so well received. It helps that I have an exhibition on at the moment, and incorporated most of those images.

Each page (14 of them) takes a bit less than half an hour to print, and I've chosen lovely parchment paper/card - so not your ordinary calendar! The new printer is working a treat (except it really isn't very economical, but it's oh so super handy), and the final product looks really very gorgeous - if I don't say so myself! Unfortunately the quality doesn't translate at all well in the photos - and it certainly doesn't help that my digital SLR has died for a second time - something to do with the connectors for the battery or the power switch. So annoying and disappointing.

The calendar is designed so that at the end of each month the page can be trimmed inside the broken lines to create an A5 art print (1/2 an A4 page 210 x 148mm / 8.3 x 5.8 in). They can then be kept or given out as gifts in a nice cheapy frame! The images are probably some of the most 'accessible' I've drawn to date - they're actually quite children friendly!

And just a little update re the geometric characters in the previous posts - they will be turned into cards this week, and they too will be available in the Etsy shop (nothing like a last minute attempt!) & at URSAstudiohouse.

It's an exciting time for me and my little enterprise helicopter6. It's been a long long LONG time coming, and it's a super lovely feeling to finally launch like this. I have my dear  friend Ursula to thank, for being so brave to take the risk re opening her space. It's allowed me to be an annoying presence where art making & designing are first and foremost on my mind. Now to figure out that pesky 'how to find a part time job that pays OK and that will make me relatively happy so I can do all this other stuff' part! 


Kylie Hunt said...

Fabulous! Congratulations! It looks gorgeous and I'm not surprised at all that they are running out the door :) Kx

helicopter6 said...

Thank you so much Kylie! I'm about to head over to your blog to leave some comments - you've been on fire! You're making some really gorgeous things. Big congrats to you too :^)