19 November 2012

in changeable moments - etsy treasury

It's always enjoyable bringing together works for a treasury (gallery) in Etsy - although regretfully it's been a while since I've done this! Trawling through my favourites to make a selection is an interesting process. The range of work that I like or am attracted to, has broadened greatly since checking out the world of Etsy - and I love that. I like experiencing a regular shift in aesthetic preferences, and seeking work that has absolutely no relationship to my own, or to the work of others I am familiar with. I like exploring the thread that takes you through one shop - through their own favourites or circles - then through to shops outside of your normal search patterns - and finding that little stand alone gem or full body of work. Often I find pieces that I wouldn't necessarily want to purchase (although there are many that I do!!), but which have become part of the fascination of following an artists' path - noting their development, or how they nestle within a community or genre.

To view this treasury, please click here.
1st row: Dr Kennedy Jones (Hollie Chastain), In A Pale Place (Kat Hannah), Scott Bergey, Fric de Mentol ( Ana Raimundo)
2nd row: Cathy Cullis, The Haunted Hollow Tree (Lauren Gray), Emerald Snow, Corduroy (Jen Ray)
3rd row: Tastes Orangey (Clare Elsaesser), benconservato (Emma Kidd), Laventime Dreams (Karen Drayne), Maaike van Nierop
4th row: You Sentimental Idiot (Rikkianne Van Kirk), Groundwork (Danna Ray), Anke Weckman, Anne Gron

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