16 November 2012

jennifer davis

There's no surprise that Jennifer Davis' work pops up on blogs, in mags and on favourite lists consistently. Her images both whisper and explode with incredible colour palettes and characteristic patterning - from wonderfully quirky and sometimes freakish scenarios (you know that's what I love the most), to custom portraits, collage, painted found objects, zines and prints. The first time I spied Jennifer's work was on Etsy - it was a detailed, boldly painted vintage wooden hat/wig stand. It caught my attention immediately, and as I went on to view the rest of her work for purchase, and then her blog, I realised I was looking at an exceptionally talented gal. I will certainly be inspired by her when I finally pick up a brush and start painting!

More recently, she posted a series of adapted shooting targets that were originally painted for an exhibition at First Amendment Gallery in Minneapolis in April of 2009. Somehow I missed these when they first appeared, so I'm extremely pleased that she decided to resurface them for sale. Because they are really amazing!! I've included a few examples here, and I haven't been able to resist the option through her shop to request a custom one. Hooray. I'm super excited!! My order has been placed, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I'll definitely show you when I receive it.

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