30 September 2010


I know... I know. The title's kinda tacky, but bemused I was indeed when I noticed this poor wayward bee (almost a poem!) firmly attached to our very own window sill friend. I know Queen bees are larger in size, but one would surmise that maybe, just maybe, he had some sort of size distortion fixation? Then lo and behold, I swung around and there was another bee clinging to dear life from the candle wax overflow. Now I'm not sure what would be more precarious in this instance... pseudo ice climber adventurer aiming for dizzy heights, or escaping indiana jones-style from a formidable elephant holding a damn long sword (a beautiful label on a pot of Indian chutney that hasn't quite made it back to the fridge). Ah... spring has arrived.


Amy Hauschild said...

hello, really enjoying your blog! and your illustrations... on the strength of one of blogs I bought that gorgeous tea towel by Camille Engman 'let's dance' love it so much...!
:) Amy

helicopter6 said...

Thank you so much for dropping by Amy and leaving such lovely words. Love the fact that you had the urge to buy the tea towel - it's on my wish list (along with a whole lot of other things - the list just keeps on growing!)