22 September 2010

small blessings | annamaria potamiti

I'm very excited to have received this beautiful, beautiful little water colour from Annamaria's Small Blessings series. I love the fact that I was able to buy the original from her Etsy shop, where there are many, many more works to tempt and delight - it's her confident approach to composition, abstraction and colour that I'm especially attracted to. I originally stumbled across her daily 'visual thoughts' project on her blog, where she used different papers (though predominantly graph paper) to create a body of drawings that display such a wonderful complexity in their simplicity - I hope that makes sense! But she also paints figuratively, and more recently returned to oil painting with a more realistic interpretation of her surroundings. And although they are very different to the bulk of her other work, I love their integrity and the fact that she continues to play, explore and challenge herself - as difficult as that can be sometimes!

The painting (along with two others), was included in the publication From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens, which looks pretty damn fabulous. It features writing from 11 authors, and photos and illustrations from 21 artists - and it just so happens that quite a few of the works are by some of my favourite artists - I think that means I have quite good taste!! I haven't had a chance to buy it yet, but it's definitely on my wish list, and I think it would make an excellent Chrissy present.

Links: Annamarie's blog, Etsy shop, From Orchards, Fields & Gardens book


annamaria said...

Wow! thank you so much for your very kind words- they are such a source of encouragment!I was looking through your blog and I found so much artwork that I love-I also find a memserizing quality in your own personal work, a mixture of dreaminess and confidence, and of course a great sense of humour! I am so happy my work is with you!
Annamaria xx

Hazel Terry said...

Love the simple design,the clarity.

holly aka golly said...

I particularly love your selection. Annamaria's work is amazing.

Lovely World said...

Hi Helen. I'm so glad you visited my blog and left a comment. I loved looking through your blog. I think we have a similar aesthetic sense. I'm also glad you appreciate Lotte Reiniger's animation. I found the folio of prints somewhat by accident. I guess sometimes that is the best way to discover beautiful things. X Maribeth

helicopter6 said...

Oh wow... I'm so loving this little world we've found ourselves in. Such wonderful gals :-) Annamaria: you're so very very welcome, and thank you for your own kind words. I really can't wait to get your work on my wall at home. Hazel: I'm so pleased you like her work, she's a truly lovely & exploratory artist - always good! Holly: I'm completely with you re her amaziness, and thank you for liking my choice - I'm certainly chuffed!! Maribeth: It's interesting to see whose aesthetic clicks with who... I really do find it endlessly fascinating and rewarding. And I absolutely agree that accidental discoveries can be the most beautiful. Once again, lucky you for stumbling across that folio.