10 September 2010

circadian rhythm

I'm afraid my circadian rhythm is all out of whack. Getting to sleep at 5am-ish is all good and fine at the moment, but I'll have to return to paid work very soon, so that means it's time to somehow regulate "normal" slumber patterns.


Nina Lindgren said...

oh, thank you so much!

what kind of work is it that you have? :)

helicopter6 said...

You're very welcome!
I studied sculpture way back when... and continued to exhibit predominantly installation & sound. But I'm trying to return to pre uni interests, which is to explore a more illustrative drawing style. It's taking a little while because I have an erratic life, but I'm getting there!! There are examples on my website.

holly aka golly said...

I love your circadian rhythm with cicada. ; )

helicopter6 said...

If only it was the cicadas keeping me awake!