15 September 2010

iris schwarz

There are many elegant, sensuous ladies in Iris Schwarz’s life …confident ladies gowned & poised …ladies with light hearted skipping intentions …ladies riding horseback with honour …ladies with pleated shoulders, crowned & corseted …ladies with a frida sensibility …and those holding just a little more mystery than the average gal.

The fluid simplicity in much of Iris’s work, can in no way be understated – it’s not at all easy to do this well! And the antiquity achieved with line and ink and vintage images makes so much sense once you read her
Etsy profile - where she says she sometimes thinks she was born in the wrong century… I know a couple of people who feel this way.

Paulette Edition’ was established three years ago, and is the umbrella for her prints, illustration, small editions and pieces of original fine art. And it’s SEVEN, the weekly editions that appear on Sundays that are for me the most captivating. Every seven days, seven prints are released. What a brilliant idea! Love it. Her most recent one (the top image), completely caught my attention, and I galloped enthusiastically to her Etsy shop to buy one. She is just gorgeous, and can’t wait to have her framed and on show.

Links: Iris's blog 'Paulette Edition', Etsy shop, 2008 interview with pikaland, interview on the lovely golly bard blog, 'Book By Its Cover' sketchbook profile


holly aka golly said...

Helen, Iris's work is truly captivating. I have a wall of her weekly editions. They are such exquisite prints.

helicopter6 said...

Oooo... a wall?!! Lucky lucky gal!