19 August 2010

little gentle



It's funny how things turn out. I had it in my mind to highlight the work of Laura Ferrara next, when lo and behold, this very lovely woman just happens to be the first person to post a comment on my blog. Thank you so very much, I am more than delighted.

Laura has two blogs herself, one called 'littlegentle' which is a stream of images accompanied by a word she 'happens to like' (a small example: tepid, brine, wig, frost, elucidate, bludgeon, winsome, obelisk, kingdom, chimera, twine, midsummer, lark, cellar, hirsute). And little gentle is indeed what they are... softly drawn in pencil and coloured and smudged ever so slightly. These are soulful creations by someone who knows how to consider her space. They allow us to ponder the tenderness and the tension of a simple, but considered mark or implied movement. Larabee and Liza is her personal blog, a natural extension of herself which includes postings of her images, paintings and inspiration. Her paintings are equally wonderful, as she manages to convey the qualities of her drawings with ease (or is it the other way around?!). There's a dreamy quality throughout where the figure morphs and plays with subtle compositions of backgrounds, minimal landscapes, objects and gestures.

links: littlegentle blog, Larabee and Liza blog, Etsy shop: emerson's bookcase, Flickr site

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