21 August 2010

tad's nest | petra freeman

It's always difficult to choose a fave when it comes to animation goodness - as there are just too many that vie for my affection! But one that continues to play in my mind, and you'll see why, is the glorious film 'Tad's Nest' by Petra Freeman, commissioned and produced by the brilliant UK initiative Animate Projects for AnimateTV 2009. Definitely check out this site, because they have commissioned work by many of the key figures in British animation from the last twenty years. Great great stuff!

'Tad's Nest', which is a paint on glass film, is all about the spontaneity of continuously working, and in this case, on a light box. Here, she can change the composition ever so slightly, images journeying from one to another, frame by frame. As a self confessed compulsive drawer who draws everyday, a repetition of imagery has prevailed in her work, so it's no surprise that she has further explored her artistry through animation. The film is a very personal recollection of a childhood memory in Cornwall, and the title translates to 'the place where eels mature and are sent on their journey back home using only memories of sensations to guide them'. Petra talks about the process of making her glorious film here, and I also found a great blog entry that covers the history of her work.

Links: Tad's Nest animation, filmed Petra Freeman interview, Animate Projects, The Lost Continent blog: the films of Petra Freeman

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