01 August 2010

camilla's craft

Swedish artist Camilla Engman has gathered a following which is oh so well deserved. As a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, publisher and one of the team behind the fabulous Studio Violet, she's an inspiring force for many, including moi. Her paper works in particular have reminded me how much I love this way of working, and I'm currently having a play with a series of collages/drawings to depict my Shetland Islands, Eshaness Lighthouse stay last year (yes folks, it WAS sensational!).

I bought her book 'The Suitcase Series' from Uppercase last year. It blitzed the blogs after it was released and when I received it in the mail, I knew why. Beautifully designed with some lovely little added extras thrown in, the book details the lives of artists and designers, which we all know... is always a good thing!

via: Camilla Engman, Uppercase, Studio Violet

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