08 August 2010

a rare bird

There's a wonderful tender beauty in the work of Portland (Oregan) artist Julianna Swaney - a folk inspired, woodland aesthetic, brushed in water colour, autumnal tones - devine. It's this approach to picture making and story telling that originally drew me to earlier works by artists such as Amy Cutler and Marcel Dzama (both extremely difficult to find a good representation of their works online) - all three sharing a similar palette. And one can't ignore the fact that there's been a more recent explosion of contemporary artists finding a voice in this style - it's easy to understand why. Julianna's work is currently on show at Blackbird Attic in Beacon NY, and it's a crying shame (yet again!!) that I'm stuck on this side of the world. The great thing though, is that she has two wonderful blogs, 'Oh My Cavalier' her drawing blog known to many, 'Rare Red Bird', a shop and a facebook page - all to enable you to love her even more!

Links: Oh My Cavalier, Rare Red Bird, Big Cartel Shop, Marcel Dzama, Article on Amy Cutler via artnet

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