22 August 2010

flying backwards | yowie birds

Once upon a time in a land far away, some little brown plasticine birds gathered to hold in their mouths, little watercolours of Yowie birds. As they do! (The maker had become quite obsessed with the little plastic toys, and started eating quite a lot of cadbury chocolate to reveal the treasure within, because all she really wanted... was the birds. Not any of the other animals or trinkets. Just the birds.) Then, the little brown birds found themselves transformed into a pint size painting a bit further down the track, but this time they held little paintings of guns in their mouths, or were they hairdryers... one could never be quite sure.


holly aka golly said...

I would eat heaps of chocolate to have such treasures. These paintings are so intriguing! Lovely collection.

annamaria said...

Finding your paintings was fresh and lovely- I am delighted to be here altogether- very inspiring posts, and great selection of artists and work-and thank you for your kind words on my blog-
Annamaria :)

helicopter6 said...

Thank you both so very very much. I'm really enjoying the process and so excited to be exchanging dialogue with such lovely talented artists... now I just have to make some new work... ahhh!