14 August 2010

treasure frey

Etsy, for those in the know, is all about discovering fabulous work in the online shops of even more fabulous artists and makers. If you haven't heard about it yet (I'm always so surprised when folk haven't!!), then you really need to set some time aside and hit the site. A good way to introduce yourself is to check out the home page showcases, treasuries (which are little member curated galleries highlighting a diverse range of work and objects being sold through Etsy) and don't forget to view the 'favourites' section of a shop you stumble across and like. It's akin to heading to a website and exploring the links page, then clicking to look at the next website's links page, etc etc - you end up being lead on a wonderful meandering journey in the wider ether. There's really great stuff out there folks!

One person I came across on my way, is the talented Treasure Frey. Her images fit oh so comfortably into the body of work I've been showcasing to date. Both Treasure Frey and the equally talented Dr Kennedy Jones (see post below) were included in a recent treasury by Suzanna Scott of Etsy shop 'sushipot', and there's no denying why I like the work of these two.

links: Treasure's website, Treasure's Etsy shop

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