30 August 2010

cathy cullis

Cathy works in a range of mixed media to create images and objects that are monoprinted, painted, drawn, stitched, machine embroidered, montaged and paper mached. And as a poet, words often interweave through her works - evoking dreams and memories - in small, incredibly detailed fabric and stitched works, limited edition zines and artist books. She brings a kind of Victorian sensibility into her practice - vintage fabrics and photos and titles such as the 'Romantics' series support this, and it is not surprising that the prevailing subject is that of the female figure/character. And they're beautiful. With her latest monoprints, Cathy explores a more abstracted form, taking her right back to her college days, and it's brilliant to see these resonate next her other works. Her new 'Autumn' selection will be available from the 6 September, alongside a new zine which she hopes to produce quarterly to reflect the seasons and her current obsessions and dreams.

Links: Cathy's blog, shop, flickr


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Wonderfully written. I discovered Cathy's work a year ago and find it beautiful. Such sensitivity.

helicopter6 said...

Thank you so much Deborah... it really means a lot to hear that. And yes, the sensitivity is lovely lovely lovely!